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Our Specialties

We pursue different goals in our organization


Maintain appropriate financial leverage

Ensure financial sustainability

Diversify and grow revenue streams

Maintain profitability

Customer objectives

To provide reliable products with high quality

Best value for the cost

Improve customer satisfaction

Understands customer’s actual needs

Operational and innovative targets

Reduce waste by a certain amount

Increase reliability of operations

Differentiate the product

Improve or focus research and development (R&D)

Khash Camp Complex

Khash Camp Complex

This project involved the entire civil and building works of a Camp Complex next to the city of Khash in Southeastern Iran, including land preparation, flood control and drainage system, administrative and residential quarters, as well as the various amenities such as health facilities, restaurants, This Complex was the very first large project performed by…


Mass Production Residential Buldings

Tablieh is also a 40% shareholder in the Maskan – Tablieh Company which is utilizing tunnel formwork methods for industrializing the concrete frame of residential buildings. In this method, the load bearing shear walls of each storey are poured simultaneously with the roof . Current projects of this company include the643 unit Sepehr Complex in…

Sepah Bank Parking & Commercial Complex

Sepah Bank Parking & Commercial Complex

This 9-Storey building project with a land area of 6,000 square meters and building area of 50,000 square meters is built for providing more than 1,200 Parking Spaces and 3 floors of commercial space. The project was awarded to Tablieh by Sepah Sakhteman Investment Company in the framework of an EPC contract. Location Tehran Province Client Sepah…

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The history of Arian Holding

It all started in 1943 when Iran was about to face a tremendous economic evolution and the idea of an independent non-oil economy went popular. Therefore, many companies started to diversify their investments in new sectors. From that time Arian Holding has been a pioneer in mining, industry and healthcare for over 70 years. While numerous organizations have declared insolvency in the early years Arian Holding has made its way through other possible areas to balance the financial leverages and expand its deep experience for achieving new goals.

Nowadays Arian Holding has more than 50 operational subsidiaries in 20 active industrial areas. From “Natanz cobalt mine” to “Semirom farms” they are all united to insure that the final product under Arian holding supervision still has the same high quality as always. This is the key factor of Arian holding success during all these years which has been proven by many loyal customers to Arian brand.


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